Special appreciation goes to the following individuals who contributed to this web site:

Victoria Pylypchenko - web site design

Shoshanna Tsimmerman - Home Page changing Images

Ronald Tsimmerman - 3D Image and Images on "Description" web page

Marcia Gross - Home Page text review

Professor Sue Bard - Home Page text review and suggestions

Professor Robert Bard - proofreading

Tanya Gorodetsky - 2D ADOMAH PT Design in color

Dr. Philip Stewart - important perspective on length and limits of the periods

Kevin E. Lathan, P.E. - quotation from Mendeleev

Dr. Henry Bent - review and valuable comments

Jess Tauber - discovery of relationship of atomic numbers of Alkaline Earth Metals to Tetrahedral Numbers.

Ruben D. Osorio - contributed ADOMAH Periodic Table in Pictures poster

Dr. Eric Scerri - provided link to Perfect Periodic Table website at Ericscerri.com